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Videos from the Captive Insurance Watch these educational videos to learn more about the Captive Insurance. Captive Insurance Legislation reintroduced by two U.S. senators from captive domiciles proposes to amend the Nonadmitted and Reinsurance Reform Act of 2010, which determines how surplus lines taxes are paid by nonadmitted insurers. Watch Video Captive Insurance Delaware’s Insurance […]

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Regulatory Notices

Below is a list of regulatory notices that can be found on this Captive website: 2024 Application Process Tips and Reminders 2023 Annual Captive Tax and Fees Report REVISED: 1/31/2023 2023 Guidance on Dissolutions and Dormancy Status 2022 February Money Market Mutual Fund List 2021 Application Process Tips and Reminders 2020 Application Process Tips and […]

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Regular Application Checklist

The following documents on our checklist need to be completed and emailed to Form A-1 Captive Application for Certificate of Authority Form A-2 Series Application Form B-1 Biographical Affidavit – needed for all Directors and Officers Form B-2 Declaration Affidavit for Financial Institution As Trust Trustee Form D-1 Designation for Receipt of Delaware Documents […]

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Laws, Regulations and Bulletins

Captive insurance companies, which are owned by the entities that they insure, are usually formed by businesses that wish to better manage the cost and administration of their insurance coverage. In 2005 the Delaware General Assembly passed House Bill 218, modernizing Delaware law regarding the formation of captives and positioning Delaware to become home to […]

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Taxes & Fees

APPLICATION Captive Application Fee $300/Processing Fee $3,200 Series Application Fee $300/Processing Fee $3,200 Annual CERTIFICATE OF AUTHORITY RENEWAL FEE is due on April 15th annually. The $400 Renewal Fee for all captive companies is payable to the Delaware Department of Insurance on the Premium Tax and Fees Report. PREMIUM TAX is due by April 15th […]

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Annual Filing Requirements

The date that a Captive is licensed is the date filing responsibilities commence. If a Captive is licensed in the year 2015 the captive must meet the filing requirements for 2015. Pure Captives, Core LLCs and Series Captive Insurance Companies Agency, Industrial, Sponsored and Special Purpose Captives other than Series LLCs Association Captives Captive Companies […]

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Documents required for Captive Dissolution: The captive company must notify the Captive Bureau in writing of its intent to dissolve, including the reason for dissolution, and provide: Consent of Board of Directors or Managing Members authorizing the dissolution Current year Annual Report Proof of Premium Tax payments for prior year as well as the current […]

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Companies wanting to redomesticate a captive insurance company to the State of Delaware will need to file the following documentation with the Captive Bureau. The forms can be found on the forms page: Form A-1 Captive Application for Certificate of Authority Strategic Business Plan Form B-1 Biographical Affidavits Form D-1 Designation to Receive Department of […]

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List of Forms

Below is a list of Conditional License Application Forms: Conditional License Application (A-1) Form Updated as of 4/1/2024       • Documents List for Conditional License Application A-1 Conditional License Application (A-2) Form Updated as of 2/15/2024       • Documents List for Conditional License Application A-2 Updated as of 3/27/2024 Conditional License […]

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Authorized Service Providers

The following are the business entities authorized in Delaware to serve captive insurance companies.   To become an authorized service provider, submit an application to: Administrator, Captive Insurance Program Delaware Department of Insurance 503 Carr Road Suite 303 Wilmington, DE 19809 The following forms are required and can be found on the forms page: Actuaries […]

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