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Captive insurance companies, which are owned by the entities that they insure, are usually formed by businesses that wish to better manage the cost and administration of their insurance coverage.

In 2005 the Delaware General Assembly passed House Bill 218, modernizing Delaware law regarding the formation of captives and positioning Delaware to become home to the growing number of captive insurance companies being created worldwide.

Laws passed in 2007 and 2010 have again made Delaware a more attractive domicile by adding Branch Captive Insurance Company and Agency Captive Insurance Company legislation. There were changes made in 2012 to the Risk Retention Act. Please refer to the law links often because they are updated regularly.

Delaware Captive Insurance Law
This link will bring you to the Online Delaware Code website.

Delaware Captive Insurance Regulations
This link will bring you to Delaware Regulations Administrative Code website.

Delaware Captive Insurance Bulletins
This link will bring you to the Delaware Insurance Department’s listing of bulletins.

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